how my first investment grew 2,400% but didn’t count

Eric Robinson and I used to go to the Metzger Grocery promptly after elementary school on Friday afternoons—assuming I’d got my weekly allowance of $1 that morning—to buy a couple of comics or a couple of granola bars in a green tin foil package with black printing. We’d lie on a set of rusted out springs behind the market and star gaze all afternoon.

I bought the first six Star Wars comics there for 25¢ each. They are now worth several hundred dollars apiece. This was the only shrewd buy of my life. I don’t have them anymore because my father threw them away because I was a slob and left them lying around in my room. He’s very good with stocks and mortgages though so I can’t really criticize this. Even though he bought Microsoft early on I’m pretty sure his investment did not grow as much as mine, but I think he bought more than $1.50’s worth so it’s okay. Plus, if you add it up, I owe him as much room and board as all the days of my life he nailed up dead with his vodka and his guilt put together.

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