Dear Dr Steven Fox,

Monday, 5 November 2007

When you misunderstood what I was trying to explain to you on the phone about my unwillingness to put your wife’s label paper through our copiers at Copy Queen you cut me off, aggressively asking, “Are you calling my wife a liar?” Even years later I feel the need to clarify and apologize.

I was absolutely not calling your wife a liar, as I said ineffectively at the time. I am sorry if somehow I conveyed that. I never thought it for a moment. It was accidental and pure cloddishness on my part. And I suppose a side-effect of trying to account for the situation without saying what we both clearly knew — that your wife was an idiot unable to navigate the most simple errand without calling for help.

PS: If it wasn’t cocaine that was toggling your conversational modalities that day, I highly encourage you to seek anger therapy. Or, you know, leave veterinary medicine, get your MBA, and go into money management where Type A personalities seem to shine.

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