Cause and effect

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Cause and Effect

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Re: Cause and effect

I'm reading The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein. It will make you hate Bush and his cronies even more, if that's possible.

By jody on 14 November 2007 · 08:43

A is A

Re^2: Cause and effect

Well, it’s not possible. I’ll add, however, there is no one in the entire world more in favor of capitalism than I am.

War is the worst business in the world. No actual capitalist would ever be interested in a proposition that expends more wealth than it produces. We have spent upwards of, according to new reports, 1.3 trillion dollars on this fiasco. What has it bought? Nothing but corpses, ashes, broken men, and division. That’s not capitalism any more than me burning down your house instead of buying it would be. It’s graft, murder, and theft in the agency of statism.

[update: it’s actually 1.6 trillion dollars ($1,600,000,000,000); that’s about a cool trillion over what Iraq has “officially” cost. Shucks, I was only off by 300,000,000,000 dollars above.]

By A is A on 14 November 2007 · 09:40


Re: Cause and effect

You say you're a capitalist, but you write like an anarchist.

By Vagrant on 16 November 2007 · 00:41

robert rawlings

Re^2: Cause and effect

By robert rawlings on 16 November 2007 · 04:11

A is A

Re^3: Cause and effect

I think Scruggs knows the materials well. Better than I do, probably, though I will take some credit for sending him to Paine recently. :)

Which is a good segue. Paine was the greatest champion of reason and freedom ever maybe. Yet his writings contain some downright Socialist, even Communist, sentiments; mixed in with obviously Democratic and Anarchistic ones. That’s the trick. We all wanna do what we wanna do which ultimately means: we all want freedom. But how to get it? Humans simply behave badly in groups (read as “gangs”) so whenever we organize we seem to lose it. Freedom is impossible without Capitalism but what government, if any, allows Capitalism to function?

Simple real life example: if you can’t own something, there is no Capitalism. I just paid my annual, please O’ Great State of Washington Let Me Keep My Lands fee. Property tax means no one owns property, it’s all leased. While on the surface this may seem overly conclusive, witness how easily eminent domain claims are still being used in entirely spurious ways. It’s easy to get away with b/c we’re all inured to the fact that the US government, in real terms, backed by irresistible force, owns everything; even our lives.

I used to think I was more of a Federalist; or a confederalist. Now I have no idea. I just know I’m not a thief or a coward and that the Bill of Rights is the greatest political document in history. If it were entirely in force, things would be radically different, obviously.

Wow, back to the news, I think. Nothing clears the political palate like a little Chitgopekar.

By A is A on 16 November 2007 · 08:47


Re^4: Cause and effect

Thanks for the back up. I like what you say about Paine. It rings true.

My own ideology was handed down to me by an intergalactic, time traveling cactus named Harry (I think he was joking about that name. I mean, "Harry"? Come on!).

By Vagrant on 16 November 2007 · 10:50