A few words about Ron Paul

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

I own Apple stock. I bought it around the same time I was buying a lot of stock and dabbling in day trading. I made a few bucks day trading but it was a lot of stress and I didn’t understand all the tax implications so I stopped and just plunked my money down into a bunch of stocks I was sure were good long term buys. Certain because they were old companies, had always made money before, or seemed right for new technologies. I made the buys at the peak of the bubble. I did not buy any Apple.

I lost pretty much all of the money. The few stocks I had that didn’t tank completely, back slid and I sold at a loss. A loss totaling about $20,000. This is pennies to a lot of traders but it was every extra dollar I had while working my ass off for three years at Amazon. Live and learn. Just money. Still young. There were still the leavings of older, better companies in my account so I said, “Fuck it. I like Apple. I know it’ll tank but I own their stuff, I probably always will, I should own some stock too.”

My Apple stock is up just about 700%. I didn’t have much money left to put in it so 700% only buys me a used Toyota. The funny thing is, it is the one and only stock I ever bought for a moral reason. I expected the stock to either depreciate or barely keep up with inflation. It’s the only stock I ever bought not out of trying to predict what the market would do. If I had put that whole $20,000 into Apple instead, it would have gone up ≈ 800% and I’d be up ≈ $150,000.

One hundred and fifty thousand dollars I’ll never see because I was trying to be fucking clever instead of doing the right thing.

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Re: A few words about Ron Paul

Yo there Einstein. An 800 per cent increase of 20,000 is 160,000. Minus the original 20,000 is 140,000. You only missed it by 10,000 on either side. No wonder you can only afford a used truck. I thinks that maybe you will find the missing 10,000 up your nose.

By Ric on 18 November 2007 · 08:16

A is A

Re^2: A few words about Ron Paul

Oh, Ric. Thank God, you’re still here. You’re right. I’ll be much more careful to use qualifiers like “about” and the mathematical symbol for approximately in the future to avoid such misunderstandings.

Too bad I already used the Gunning fog impedance mismatch gag… Maybe after some coffee you’ll give me another crack at it.

By A is A on 18 November 2007 · 11:06