Not every genocide exclusively involved Jews, not even the one involving Jews, and especially not the one denied by Jews

Friday, 24 April 2009

Question: How do you make a Jew deny genocide?

Answer: Offer him some Muslim money.

This, April the 24th, is the Armenian Genocide remembrance day. You didn’t forget, did you?

Israel is one of many countries who pretend that it was an accident. Note to future holocaust planners: don’t take thorough notes or do tattoos or anything that resembles evidence too strongly. All the concentration camps stacked 10 corpses deep in the world can apparently be denied as long as no one can prove you had the intention to directly kill anyone.


Among the furthest straws out of reach given for Israel not recognizing the Armenian Genocide we have etymology. The word “genocide” was coined—if you’ll permit me—by a Jewish man. Therefore only Jews get to say it. I’m not kidding but how could anything surprise anyone who visits here more than once at this point?

I actually think this is a great argument. No one should be allowed to use words created by other races and cultures. Let me be the first to insist that Jews no longer be allowed to speak English. The schwartzes neither.

In addition we owe the chowder headed meaning changer in the temple of Words a kick in the baytzim—excuse me, I mean avonim. He got it wrong. The word should have been genticide.

But what one forgets is that being a victim is not what defines a person or a people. At least not unless they want to look like pussies no matter how many nuclear weapons they’re hiding. How I do go on!

So, for this day, let’s learn about Armenia instead of stitching stars about.


Armenian cooking

Will IOZ come through, as it were, and do an Armenian Foodie Friday? I asked him to consider it about 10 days ago so if he doesn’t, demand to know what he has against Armenians and their food!

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