the book of embraces, chapter Becky

He should have but didn’t have sex with her—he wasn’t going to have sex for a couple of years because he’d just broken up with a girl with sixty-one freckles on her lips—they went to her dorm room and fooled around while the sun was coming up.

He masturbated her and her come was thick and minty. Not a whiff of the New Jersey dockyards. She was the first girl he ever wanted to eat. He should have but that was too much like sex. Instead of sex they talked in their underwear all morning. He told her his hard luck story and she cared. She was a great girl but he wasn’t ready to be a great guy again so he blew her off as a girlfriend but they stayed friendly because she was so damn great. They talked sometimes in a place called The Cellar and sometimes shared nachos or m&m’s. He liked her sister too, but not in that way. They didn’t seem like sisters but they got along well. They were both great. It must run in their family.

She met the girl with sixty-one freckles on her lips at a party. The girl with sixty-one freckles on her lips was bragging about having dated him.

When his name came up, the girl with minty come said, “Wait. What’s your name?”

“Paula,” she replied.

And in front of the whole party the girl with minty come proved just how completely great she was. She said, “Oh, he hates you.”

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