the book of embraces, chapter shopping for the weekend they tried to get back together but just had sex instead

He went to the checkout counter with a bottle of whiskey, some bananas because he knew he needed more fruit in his diet, and a blue box of condoms. It was the biggest box and it was the first time he’d ever bought more than one condom at a time. He had rarely used them and the few times he used Lifestyles they broke all but once. He wasn’t buying that brand. He had never bought a whole box so was amazed at how much they cost. He thought about how much they cost. $12 seemed like a lot of money for some latex and Non-oxyl 9. Still, an abortion is over $300 and the prescription drugs for herpes can’t be cheap either so condoms were reasonable and it was okay and he bought the big box.

At the check out counter the cute girl there rang him up. Whiskey, bananas, and condoms. She looked him right in the eye when she gave him his change and said, “Have a really good weekend.”

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