my friend Orión Cervio

Orion is one of us. He’s just a Shark Pup. Some of the Pups are smarter than the older Sharks but they aren’t big enough yet to bite us. They’ll get there.

Orion has an adept beat poet way of just plugging words into wherever they fit nice and tight. Like a Zulu having sex with a thin Mongolian girl. He can do this in conversation or on paper. Give this pup another couple of years and I’ll have to retire before I even get going.

He calls us all sisters. I like that. I like to think that guys can still be friends that closely like they could in the days before Lancelot fucked his best friend’s wife and messed everything up forever. We’re all friends in that sister way so far.

He calls the other guys Phat Girls. This means a good thing even though it sounds bad. Many words share this quality. Some of the Phat Girls call me The Hag. I’m not young enough to be called a Phat Girl. Some of them are 20 years older than I am but you would never in 1,000,000 years guess it.

Orion is in Africa on account of he fell in love with it accidentally. His vocabulary is three times as big as mine. I wish he were around. I learn a lot from him. I didn’t know what rime meant before he told me. Maybe that sounds kind of stupid to people with big vocabularies but I didn’t know that word and some more before I asked him.

He calls me and him Dog Kings when he writes to me from Namibia. I hope like hell I can live up to that. Then he went and told me I was brave. I never knew it so I hadn’t been. Once I knew it I had to start doing it. That sort of thing is difficult but if your friends don’t make life more difficult for you they really aren’t doing you any favors and you should get new friends.

I want to show you some of our letters. That would be great. But I think then I’d be conceited and I already told you I’m too friendly for that even though I’m mean. That’s why we’ve got so many words for attitudes and emotions. Because occasionally combinations of them occur that are unlikely and need some fine tuning to explain. If he were here he could tell me the perfect words and I could just shut up.

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