the fourth letter to Ayn Rand & the reply

July 4th, 1976

Dear Ayny,

Just finished your book, "Atlas Drugged." Absolutely great I must say.

I take issue, however.  I have been to that bar in El Paso many times.  The pool table you referenced in your various erotic scenes between Dagny Taggart and a Mexican mail-mule does not exist nor is the vertical clearance in the bar sufficient to get a donkey on a pool table if there were a pool table at all.

 Your comrade in arms,


3 January 1983

Dear Mister Burroughs:

Ms. Rand is dead and has been for some time as I don’t doubt you are aware. Backdating your letters disguises nothing. I must insist you cease your infuriating, tactless and ridiculous missives. I’ll call the police if you don’t.

I realize you and Ms. Rand had some sort of personal relationship, by mail or otherwise, but I am not your fan. When I would attack you, she would grow wistful and say, “Don’t. It’s all right.” She’s not here to stand up for you anymore.

Leonard Peikoff
Representing the estate of Ayn Rand

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