the final letter to Ayn Rand & the reply

July 4th, 1977

Dear Annie get your gun,

You won't get out of it that easily.  I'll see you in Hell, you dizzy Ruskie fuck!  I'll get you!  You can't get away!  It isn't over, you hear?

Me and Chuckie B. are gonna tag team your plump pork rind in Hell for all eternity!!!

You crazy dead bitch!  I'll teach you to be American!

24 December 1987


I’ve alerted the authorities. They said they’ve had problems with you before.

One more letter and we’ve been told they will have what they need to begin deportation hearings.

Consider yourself warned or pack for Cuba.

Leonard Peikoff,
Representing the estate of Ayn Rand

PS: I came across an entry in Ms. Rand’s journals which was written on the eve of her death. It said:  W.S. Burroughs doesn’t play croquet so well as he would like. I hope that when he inquires of me his wickets will stand to.

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