How transparently hateful you would be

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Pain in childbirth is the punishment for original sin

Let’s pretend for a second that Christianity is easily shown to be a crock of shit. No, no, no, no, no, no! Just pretend. We know it’s not, right? We know God loves us. Even the 7-15 million, a better than modern percentage of which were children, he sent to watery graves in The Flood.

If it were a crock, how does that change your interpretation of the things that are required to support it all? E.g., pain in childbirth, the utter detestableness of earning a wage, the willingness to forsake all material value—including the Earth, loved ones, and family—for the whim of a cruel and capricious creator, the valuelessness of life compared to the afterlife, ad nauseam. I mean, really! What would it take to explain all that, right? So, I mean it’s obvious. There must be a God. If there isn’t, how transparently hateful that would make you.

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Re: How transparently hateful you would be

Sounds like the works of an anti-democratic, authoritarian political movement to me. There's a way to find out if that's true, too. I say set the faith-related content providers free. Free! Free of the guilt they experience as tax exempt organizations, whose megamalls are subsidized by the less blessed. Fixed structures are an impediment to the true faith anyway. Did not God hisself reveal to us:

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

Really all we need then is a bit of space for a few minutes and maybe an umbrella.

By Vagrant on 9 December 2007 · 18:25

A is A

Re^2: How transparently hateful you would be

That’s exactly the freedom of religion I want. If it takes more than 3 to practice, it’s not religion, it’s institution. I mean you only need two guys to hold the ____ down. Am I right?

By A is A on 9 December 2007 · 22:19