This week in the news #38

Friday, 30 November 2007

Man takes hostages in NH Clinton office

Turn about is fair play.1 Clinton hopes to take us all hostage soon enough.

Reuters: “Quiet Riot” singer found dead in Las Vegas

Cum on Feel the Solum Moment of Silence!

Calls in Sudan for execution of Briton

KHARTOUM, Sudan – Thousands of Sudanese, many armed with clubs and knives, rallied Friday in a central square and demanded the execution of a British teacher convicted of insulting Islam for allowing her students to name a teddy bear “Muhammad.” Mohamed Osman, Associated Press

What the fuck does a guy have to do these days to get a fatwa on him?

Bill Clinton Flatly Asserts He Opposed War at Start

And like everything else he ever did, it comes off flat. Just another presidential pussy who thinks some sort of bipartisan decorum est more important than a stack of corpses where the tower of Babel stood. Maybe they’re all just trying to get to heaven on the backs of the dead.

Gerald Ford’s growing legacy
An indication of the growing legacy of various presidential stains.

9-year old suspended for “hate crime”

Who says the Right has all the fun? If we can only apply the thought police to 6 year-olds, the DailyKak will finally have won!

New poll shows Clinton trails top 2008 Republicans

Man, the I-told-you-sos are coming faster and faster.2

AP Public executions in N.Korea on the rise

North Korea is always so ostentatious. Show a little tact, guys. Private executions are on the rise in US controlled territories for a reason.

UF doc who invented Gatorade dies at 80

Kidney failure. I suppose I’m the only one amused by this.

More Young Americans Are Contracting HIV

And you said teaching abstinence wouldn’t deliver results immediately.

Stephen King suggests Jenna Bush be waterboarded…

Second! Votes… All right, the motion is carried 7 to 3.

…if the Bush administration didn’t think it was torture, they ought to do some personal investigation. Someone in the Bush family should actually be waterboarded so they could report on it to George. I said, I didn’t think he would do it, but I suggested Jenna be waterboarded and then she could talk about whether or not she thought it was torture. Also sprak King

You know I think I could stand to be questioned by police, or even a long weekend in County. That’s a pretty good test. If I can handle it without vowing to kill everyone who did it to me, their supporters, and any trace of their genetic content they have in the world, it’s not torture. Pretty simple rule of thumb. I invite the comparison shopping for which I seem overdue.

1 All kidding aside, seriously this time, I hope no one gets hurt.

2 Unlike your mom.

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