Your benefits will be shared fairly

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Senator Jim Webb (D), gave the response to the State of the Union Address tonight. There are so many things wrong with it which have been—and will be again by tonight—covered by many other excellent writers that it’s really a chore to try. So I won’t. Except for two points.

When one looks at the health of our economy, it’s almost as if we are living in two different countries. Some say that things have never been better. The stock market is at an all-time high, and so are corporate profits. But these benefits are not being fairly shared. Senator Jim Webb (D), “Response to the State of the Union Address”

1) Only an expert wordsmith should start a sentence with “But.” Like a split infinitive or a sentence fragment, it needs to be handled by someone who knows what the hell he’s doing.

2) Somebody was complaining the other day about how those on the Left are perpetually lumped together and herded into the Venn circle, “Communist.” He was quite concerned that we all understood that Democrats are absolutely not Commies.

Che Donkel
But these benefits are not being fairly shared. Ibid

In a world without liars and thieves benefits are not shared. They are paid to those who earn them.

Maybe you’re not really all Communists in a thin coat of primer blue but you sure talk a fuck of a lot like them.

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Re: Your benefits will be shared fairly

I think what Webb was saying was that if the economy is really getting better, then everyone (or more people than just the super-rich) should be feeling the benefits of this "better" economy. This isn't the case (according to Webb), so we can't say that the economy has improved. Or, more precisely, the financial world of one class is better, but there exists a whole other economic world.

Isn't he just arguing that you can't flat-out say that the economy has improved because the common man isn't feeling that improvement?

By Jen on 24 January 2007 · 19:53

A is A

Re: Your benefits will be shared fairly

Well… he was, if he’s a proper Democrat, saying if there is so much money around, the government should take more away to decide how to spend it. Free healthcare for smokers and couch potatoes. Home insurance for those who keep rebuilding on floodplains. Kickbacks for a thousand cronies.

Everyone in government spins their stats to make their side sound better. Here is what Reason just said about part of it–

This is a generic invocation of economic insecurity that is not a particularly sharp reflection of contemporary American society. Home ownership rates at or near historic highs? More than a decade of extremely low unemployment? Two-thirds of kids going on from high school to college (also at or near historic highs [see table 265])? All this stuff doesn't square with Webb's dire message. Not that it won't resonate with voters who want more pork spending for themselves. State of the Union Address and Dems’ Reply

So, the chicken little thing doesn’t move me to the Left on the economy any more than the terrorism moves me to the Right. Everyone I know, including me, is better off than 10 years ago. Might just be because we’re older but I see about as much economic ruin around me as suicide bombers [here’s to hoping that doesn’t become ironic in the near future]. None of them spends my money better, or more ethically, than I do.

Also, Bush is a cretin and I’m glad even the rats are starting to leave his ship. I just can’t get excited about beating him down anymore. Only reason I didn’t write about his address.

By A is A on 24 January 2007 · 21:29

A is A

Re: Your benefits will be shared fairly

I should have linked to this before: Largely United. It’s a lovely discussion of the road to the State of the Union; international issues and the parties anyway.

By A is A on 24 January 2007 · 21:58