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History of the United States by Charles A. Beard and Mary R. Beard



The Nations of the West
John Winthrop, Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Company
William Penn, Proprietor of Pennsylvania
A Glimpse of Old Germantown
Old Dutch Fort and English Church Near Albany
Southern Plantation Mansion
A New England Farmhouse
Domestic Industry: Dipping Tallow Candles
The Dutch West India Warehouse in New Amsterdam (New York City)
A Page from a Famous Schoolbook
The Royal Governor’s Palace at New Berne
Virginians Defending Themselves against the Indians
Braddock’s Retreat
Benjamin Franklin
George III
Patrick Henry
Samuel Adams
Spirit of 1776
Thomas Paine
Thomas Jefferson Reading His Draft of the Declaration
Mobbing the Tories
George Washington
Robert Morris
Alexander Hamilton
An Advertisement of The Federalist
Celebrating the Ratification
First United States Bank at Philadelphia
Louis XVI in the Hands of the Mob
A Quarrel between a Federalist and a Republican
New England Jumping into the Hands of George III
John Marshall
A Log Cabin—Lincoln’s Birthplace
An Early Mississippi Steamboat
Thomas Dorr Arousing His Followers
Andrew Jackson
Daniel Webster
An Old Cartoon Ridiculing Clay’s Tariff
Santa Barbara Mission
San Francisco in 1849
A New England Mill Built in 1793
An Early Railway
Lowell, Massachusetts, in 1838
John C. Calhoun
Henry Clay
An Old Cartoon Representing Webster “Stealing Clay’s Thunder”
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Jefferson Davis
The Draft Riots in New York City
A Blockade Runner
John Bright
William H. Seward
Abraham Lincoln
General Ulysses S. Grant
General Robert E. Lee
The Federal Military Hospital at Gettysburg
Steel Mills—Birmingham, Alabama
A Southern Cotton Mill in a Cotton Field
A Glimpse of Memphis, Tennessee
A Corner in the Bethlehem Steel Works
John D. Rockefeller
Wall Street, New York City
A Town on the Prairie
The Canadian Building
Commodore Perry’s Men Making Presents to the Japanese
William J. Bryan in 1898
President McKinley and His Cabinet
Grover Cleveland
An old cartoon. A Sight Too Bad
Cuban Revolutionists
A Philippine Home
Roosevelt Talking to the Engineer of a Railroad Train
Panama Canal
A Sugar Mill, Porto Rico
Mr Taft in the Philippines
The Roosevelt Dam, Phoenix, Arizona
An East Side Street in New York
Abigail Adams
Susan B. Anthony
Conference of Men and Women Delegates
Samuel Gompers and Other Labor Leaders
The Launching of a Ship at the Great Naval Yards, Newark, N.J.
Troops Returning from France
Premiers Lloyd George, Orlando and Clémenceau and President Wilson at Paris

The Nations of the West” (popularly called “The Pioneers”), designed by A. Stirling Calder and modeled by Mr. Calder, F.G.R. Roth, and Leo Lentelli, topped the Arch of the Setting Sun at the Panama-Pacific Exposition held at San Francisco in 1915. Facing the Court of the Universe moves a group of men and women typical of those who have made our civilization. From left to right appear the French-Canadian, the Alaskan, the Latin-American, the German, the Italian, the Anglo-American, and the American Indian, squaw and warrior. In the place of honor in the center of the group, standing between the oxen on the tongue of the prairie schooner, is a figure, beautiful and almost girlish, but strong, dignified, and womanly, the Mother of To-morrow. Above the group rides the Spirit of Enterprise, flanked right and left by the Hopes of the Future in the person of two boys. The group as a whole is beautifully symbolic of the westward march of American civilization.

Photograph by Cardinell-Vincent Co., San Francisco
The Nations of the West