Resolve: War is pretty bad

Wednesday, 31 January 2007

My dermatologist, IOZ, turned me on (knock if off) to Arthur Sibilant Silber. In “A Pansy Responds” Arthur makes Rush Limbaugh look like an asshole but this is what might be considered a remedial writing exercise. Arthur concludes, quite rightly and quite insistently, that “War Is Bad.”

I could not any more argue with that than I could actually put an end to the subject in the clause. This, though–

War is the worst evil known to man.

–is easily shown to be incorrect and it is unworthy of Arthur’s pen; well, keyboard, Arthur’s pen is… Pen is. Pen is. (Stop already!)

War is only, only!, the second worst evil known to man. Bad government, non-democratic usually, is the worst evil known to man. [Although you could argue semantics in Arthur’s favor—few people know how evil governments can be so it’s generally an evil unknown to man but I digress and am starting to annoy even myself.] Not just in terms of body counts; but as those are hard to argue with there you go.

While wars in the 20th century probably snuffed a bit under 100,000,000 (one hundred million) homo “sapiens,” democide probably strangled well north of 200,000,000 (two hundred million). Making war approximately one half as evil as government. [See Arthur’s citations for war dead and “Democide” for, uh, democide; the numbers I give are fast and loose but the ratio, ≥2:1 Democide, is pretty solid.]

I’m not gay—and I’m a little tired of everyone else lording their homosexuality over me—but I think I might be right. While war is bad there are worse things. As a terribly good looking and intelligent writer once remarked, “War is hell but politics is the devil hisself.”

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