AdSense weekly curve

Friday, 2 February 2007

This chart represents change, not actual ratios. Tuesday, for example, is not bringing twice the revenue of Sunday but 27% more.

The chart is made from the data of several websites over two years so I suspect it is a solid representation of what just about anyone can expect.

AdSense weekly curve

The curve jives with what everyone is already worried about. Y’all are surfing mostly at work. Monday you have to catch up on some real work sometimes. Tuesday you do most of your surfing. Thursday you’ve moved back to porn and gossip and maybe even have to work a little. Friday you leave early which you only get away with because your manager leaves even earlier.

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chris holmes

Re: AdSense weekly curve

ha ha! v interesting and great timing, seeing as how just yesterday i decided to put my blog forward to be plastered with adsensical boasts and lures. i was approved, to boot, which proves they don't look too closely. I mean, can you imagine *anyone* voluntarily associating with the intolerant, looksist/accentist/racist, anti-multicultural nonsense I trot out on a daily basis.

But I was of course thrilled to have joined the ranks of Madison Avenue biggies and am already leafing thru catalogues of trinkets and gew-gaws to snatch up once the cash pours in.

*Very* interesting analysis by El Sed, but then again that's the sort of thing he comes up with. None of your bell curve rubbish or pie-charts on areas affected by pompous Bono tosh - just equine bouche stuff.

By chris holmes on 2 February 2007 · 02:58