Recycled QWA #3: The 7 deadly sins simplified for kids

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

The 7 deadly sins simplified for kids

Welcome to our Sunday School supplement.

You know how when you do a nice drawing or get a base hit and it makes you feel so good inside. Well, that’s called PRIDE and it’s very, very wrong, Timmy.

Hey, Jenny, you know how your friend Christine has parents that don’t drink or fight in front of her. I know you wish your family was like hers. That’s called ENVY and God hates you for it.

Jesus Raps with Kids about Sin

I know you’re starting to get urges Johny. It’s LUST and it’s wrong. Just pretend you don’t feel it. Don’t explore it or ask about it—bottle up the feelings by force and never let them out or the Devil will make your penis fall off.

Eric, I know that boy pushed you down and took your favorite toy but you must forgive him. If you stay mad or try to get your toy back, that’s called WRATH. It’s only for evil people to feel—good people always forgive, no matter what is done to you, just like the Lamb.

Michelle, honey, you know how you like to read books and play on the computer on the weekends instead of cleaning and learning to cook? That’s called SLOTH. And it makes the baby Jesus cry.

Well, Tommy, wanting one Matchbox® car is okay but wanting more is GREED and if you don’t stop feeling it you’ll get glowing hot iron pokers pushed up your butt when you go to Hell.

Sarah, you can’t have ice cream. It’s not nutritious and you just had a big meal. Wanting more once your belly is full is GLUTTONY. God had to kill His own Son because of little girls feeling that way.

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