“Well, it could have been worse. At least she didn’t say ‘sand-niggers.’”

Monday, 12 February 2007

“Pretty Mixed Up” by Vivian Five VI

In a quiet, largely overlooked post one year ago today—“Ragheads” and “Sambos” and “Gooks”—Michelle Malkin saved the Republic by making sure we all know that no one to the right of the line where most Americans live hates Moslems. No one but Ann Coulter and, Malkin assuages, she only hates them to get laughs; she’s really a pundit with heart of gold.

Coulter called Moslems “ragheads.” Publicly. A term among many, including the one in the title of this piece, popularized by the US military in the 1990 escapades, Mesopotamia: Episode V, A New Hope.

I’ll probably never write about Coulter again because I promised my Pastor I’d ease up on the c-bomb, and it’s anti-climatic. Breaking windows in a demolished house is neither sport nor illuminating. Ms Malkin, however, is a special case. More slippery. Harder to dismiss.

“Ragheads” is not the word that immediately comes to my mind. Evildoers. Bloody murderers. Bastards. Yes. “Ragheads?” No.

…I'll show you 100 liberal hate mails and blog posts referring to me as a “gook” or a “chink” or a “filipina whore” for every 1 “raghead” controversy on the right.

Malkin assures us that unlike Coulter she wouldn’t stoop to using racial epithets in a discussion, especially since race alone is sufficient. The word “nigger” needs not sully a civilized discussion on segregation, after all. Why, “ragheads” doesn’t even come to her mind immediately, but presumably near the bottom of the list. She is herself afflicted—actually she seems quite pleased for the credibility via victimhood—by racial epithets which mathematically demonstrate that liberals are 100 times more racist than conservatives.

The reason why Malkin must use such mild oaths against her compatriot is that she is obviously and irrevocably in the same Kenneth Coles. Her publishing history makes this charge indefensible.

Ann’s purpose, clearly, was to do nothing more than get a cheap laugh. Ms Malkin explaining that “ragheads” is good for a laugh
Malkin thinking things she would never say

Malkin’s as optimistic as she is morally ironic. Clearly. A cheap laugh didn’t enter into it anymore than it does when she gets email calling her a gook. The reason people use racial slurs in the political arena isn’t to get a laugh. It is to dehumanize. To rob mojo and get a rise. When someone in a position of power uses an epithet against someone in a position of weakness it is to get them to react so that killing, beating, raping, or running out of town—or the legislative equivalent—becomes more palatable to the cloyed Leviathan.

Pretty Mixed Up

“How the right learned to exploit the fact that its constituents are frustrated, lonely men.”

The new book from Sedition·press by Vivian Five VI, author of majenta required reading, Sit on My Face for Freedom.

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