Happy birthday to my backend

Saturday, 1 December 2007


One year ago today we launched a new version, written with Catalyst, of Sedition·com.

Catalyst rules. All your MVC are belong to us.

These are some people that if the universe were a more equitable place I would owe several thousand dollars apiece. I highly recommend them as software developers and, except for Matt,1 as human beings.

I reserve the right to add others I’ve in haste accidentally neglected to include in the list. These are not the only folks I love and respect in the Perl world but the ones I most directly owe beaucoup.

Perl is a wonderful language with an incredibly good community. Perl, excepting edge cases, blows doors on just about every high level language out there. If some part-time seditionist with an English and art history background can write a stable blog platform, which is functionally more or less identical to WordPress, all by himself in about a month, you know it’s good.

1 But I keed, Matt!

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