Sedition·com is ten years old today –or– Where’s my tin star?

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Sedition·com is ten years old today. I got 30% through a retrospective which is the same as saying I left it 70% incomplete which is the same as saying a solid “F.” Got an “E” and a smiley face for effort though. Little gold star was out of reach.

Myself: I got you a tin gift.

Me: Really?

Myself: Say it like that, see if I give it to you.

Me: Oh, Jesus. There is nothing worse in the world than a wounded prick.

Myself: Well, there we are then.

Me: Oh, for the love of monkeys. …All right, you win. What did you get me?

Myself: This hat.

Me: Mmmmm…

Myself: It’s tiiiiihhhhh–in.

Me: Tin foil.

Myself: Well, aluminum actually.

Me: I liked it better when your feelings were hurt.

Myself: You really fell for that? I thought you were playing it straight for me. Man! I should be in finance. Suckers like you everywhere, I could talk my way out of a $700,000,000,000 hole easy.

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