Ron Paul and Andrew Sullivan

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Ron Paul For The Republican Nomination,” writes Andrew Sullivan.


Andrew Sullivan is a witless punk whose chief gift is the rationalization of evil. You’d think after being a cheerleader for directly killing at least 100,000 Iraqis and indirectly causing the deaths of 1,000,000 and the dislocation of 5,000,000, and spooging $1,600,000,000,000 to war porn down the shower drain would make one either–

1) humble and quiet for a couple of years, or
2) a passionate anti-war activist to atone for the sins.

He knows he was wrong. He knows the costs.

Let’s be clear: we have lost this war. … We have, moreover, helped solder a new truth in the Arab mind: that democracy means chaos, anarchy, mass-murder, national disintegration and sectarian warfare.

This is because this is the democracy this kind of person brings. It’s not an accident. It’s the only course taught at the School of the Americas.

But Sullivan does not go with either of the rather honorable options above. He goes for–

3) wish, wish really hard for a way to wreck the fucking Middle East but look pretty good in your chinos while doing it and expand your writing to support the state and proselytize with unfiltered press releases from any political office in which your guilt or hubris finds accord.

I admire McCain in so many ways. He is the adult in the field … he is a genuine war hero and a patriot … The surge is no panacea for Iraq; but it has enabled the United States to lose the war without losing face. And that, in the end, is why I admire McCain…

Anyone who can experience torture and then approve it for others, survive war and then condone it, see a poor country bombed to shit and then joke about bombing another country to shit… Well, John McCain is neither a hero nor a patriot. He’s a violent, deluded, geriatric octopus who has earned the Hell his final years of life will be. Anyone who can’t see that, who can’t see what war really is, who can’t understand that the initiator of force is always in the wrong… well that person is Andrew Sullivan.

And that brings us full circle. I was very surprised to see his endorsement of Paul. It makes no sense. Paul is the right guy. Sullivan can’t possibly be right.

Sullivan is so tired of being wrong that he’s casting his lot in with Paul because he is scared Paul might pull it off. One hopes. Probably he’s just doing it because he knows Paul will lose and he knows the situation in Afghanistan, Iraq, and probably Iran, will continue to get much worse no matter what party gets to dump their garbage at 1600 Pennsylvanian Ave NW. So, somewhat like me, he’s looking forward to having clean hands when we get there.

The rest’a you. You won’t vote for an anti-war candidate. Through some trick of but-it’s-a-two-party-system you think you won’t be responsible. You will be.

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Re: Ron Paul and Andrew Sullivan

"he’s looking forward to having clean hands"

I hope so, and hope he's not going through some calculating Road to Damascus moment.

People underestimate the civic value of clean (or cleaner, for that matter) hands. The electoral contest hypnotizes them. They don't ask themselves how they're going to ally and align with others when they've made themselves, quite simply, too dirty to be trusted.

It's too late for anything but the most principled stand you can make. I'd argue that it's always been too late for anything but that.

By Vagrant on 19 December 2007 · 00:11

A is A

Re^2: Ron Paul and Andrew Sullivan

You know, these comment threads rarely grow very long b/c I pretty much always agree with anything you write. That’s all you’re getting for Christmas though.

By A is A on 19 December 2007 · 10:16