The blogosphere in 2007, the year in review

Monday, 31 December 2007

Best writing on a blog in 2007

None. In your compulsion to post more often than bimonthly even the best of you waters down your material to a tepid mixture no one can admire; not even you yourself. Most considered tops are consummate hasbeens; more at Bloggies.

Best cartoon in 2007

None. They’re all one trick ponies. Honoring a single golden molehill would be an endorsement of the mountains of feces.

Best political post in 2007

None. You’re all pussy inversions; unable to conceive; blood thirsty; raving, 26 days a month, that your tears are righteous.

Best humor post of 2007

None. None of you is funny. Few of you are even smart enough to know that grammar to be correct. Those that do are mostly such pedantic cockwads that you are entirely—and will be while you live—unable to achieve anything creative which does not deserve the three word review: derivative, dull, uninspiring.

Best hate post of 2007

None. Especially not this one; it doesn’t name names; it’s far too short.

Best advice post of 2007

IOZ’zes FAQ.

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