IOZ on Dennis Perrin on Ron Paul

Friday, 11 January 2008

I don’t think we’ve ever clipped a whole piece from someone before. We have long linked and recommended the IOZzer, though, and in the interests of not relying on you to click through and read it we present in full–

Ron Paul

A couple of folks have asked in email if I’ve got anything to say about Ron Paul, who would, like, totally be Bull Connor if he hadn’t already disbanded the police departments and sold the firehoses to private developers. What I have to say about Ron Paul is what Dennis Perrin says.

Dennis’ most penetrating comment:

I might be mistaken, but so far as I know, Ron Paul has not left the campaign trail to oversee the killing of a black man. Liberal hero Bill Clinton did in 1992, flying back to Arkansas from New Hampshire to witness Rickey Ray Rector take the lethal needle. (Since Clinton was our first black president, did that constitute black-on-black violence?) Clinton also expanded the police and prison state, in which a large number of African-Americans are trapped, and shredded the safety net for the poor, among whom reside many African-Americans. Does this make Bill Clinton a racist? Hush yo’ mouf!

And let me just say this about that, folks. “A large number” is Dennis’ concession to understatement, I think, because the statistics on black men in American jails are staggering, extraordinary. The incarceration of black males constitutes the most odious American pogrom since FDR (hey, wasn’t he a liberal or something?) threw anyone of Japanese descent into concentration camps. In its insidiousness and invidiousness it is the equal—at least—of the Jim Crow régime, and it will have longer-lasting effects. Our penal policy in this country over the last forty years will ultimately bear out as a moral failing as great as our embrace of chattel slavery, and what are the Democrats going to do about it? Maybe we’ll put 100,000 more more cops on the street.

So pat yourselves on the back for your black motherfucking candidate, Democrats. Maybe Ron Paul truly does hate niggers from the bottom of his lily-white, cracker-ass heart, but at least he’d let some of them out of fucking jail.

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