You deserve a cookie

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

After looking through the logs and Quantcast stuff I discover that there are actually about 5,000 regular visitors to the site and 600 or so hardcore fans. Ignoring for a moment that 98% of them are likely in for the DDX, I still think you deserve thanks for all you’ve tolerated here over the years. I think you deserve a cookie.

Here you go–

yesh_session=32870ebad477ea1e619e44e9d25f45493bd53727; path=/; expires=Thu, 06-Dec-2008 10:33:48 GMT

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Re: You deserve a cookie

People look at me and say, "dude, you're wearing a squirrel suit! Oh, dude... " I tell 'em to shut up, that I'm an important man in the Obama campaign and then I tell them where they can go to get a cookie.

By Vagrant on 20 August 2008 · 08:40

robert rawlings

Re: You deserve a cookie

I was going to write something about how ive been reading your blog for ... i think 7 years now, but I'm distracted by the giant scientology video ad that google thought your readers would enjoy. I'm going to click on it and cost them a couple of cents. Anyway, thanks again for the great posts over the years. Keep 'em coming.

By robert rawlings on 5 September 2008 · 02:08

A is A

Re^2: You deserve a cookie

I think I see three options here–

  1. Write a reply pretending you’re an ex who is trying to get custody of the ferrets.
  2. Do something with some emoticons. :)
  3. Admit that if I’d seen this last night I might have cried because the week I’ve had has been so awful I keep writing and deleting self-medication posts.
  4. Say that men who cry over blog comments are like totally gay.
  5. Apologize for suggesting that tears are gay.
  6. Get in a fight with myself for apologizing for a joke, no matter how off-color.
  7. Make a joke about being off-colored.
  8. Segue to a slideshow of subtly altered Obama images.

And there in a nutshell you have the recipe for the average post here. I expect—no, demand—15% of the take when it hits the New York Times Bestseller list in the juvenile fiction category.

By A is A on 5 September 2008 · 08:46