Getting bad marks –or– Deutsche-Bank pwnd!

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

There is apparently a Denial of Service attack going on against Sedition·com right now, coming from which is owned by Deutsche-Bank.

So either–

  • Somebody’s individual computer is hacked
  • Somebody set up a horribly bad personal script/client to read from the site and it’s making 20+ connections at a time through plain old incompetence
  • Somebuddies ther jus hates us, Precious, and wants us not having Interweb

Man, and to think I was about to do a piece on how fucked up it is that mowing down Germans in video games is still considered high sport.

Update, 17th – BlogBridge is the client to blame and has, today alone, made 11,000 requests and counting. That’s one request every 4.6 seconds. Imagine if just 10 people subscribed to the site that way. Ah, but you can’t really blame them. They’re Java hackers. If it were up to me, they’d get special parking privileges. Fair’s fair.

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