Ben Stein: Retarded

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Retarded: Ben Stein is the devil

Also: Six Things in Expelled That Ben Stein Doesn’t Want You to Know, Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 22), et cetera and so on and forth and how the fuck does someone who wrote speeches for Nixon! ever get anything but a pitchfork in the belly? Oh, yes, I’ve been informed he’ll be getting plenty of them in the afterlife. Something to do with God disliking Jews for denying Jesus was His Son, IIRC.

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Jack Field

Re: Ben Stein: Retarded

Fuck you buddy Ben has some valad points and your just pissed because he makes you evolutionists look like dumb asses

By Jack Field on 29 March 2010 · 12:56


Re: Ben Stein: Retarded

Haha. Make fun of his spelling or the point he's trying to get across? Hmmmm...

By jody on 29 March 2010 · 13:32

A is A

Hooker with a Penis

Your visit was much too short. Why just yesterday I mentioned that there is no documentation for the existence of Jesus da Cripes outside the Gospels and the Gospels are completely unreliable as historical documents.

So I’m saying Jesus didn’t even exist and you glom onto one of the weaker tangents about Intelligent Design here? Try this, it’s better for you—Intelligent Design proves Penn & Teller are God.

By A is A on 29 March 2010 · 19:44


Re: Ben Stein: Retarded

Jack has much to offer to practitioners of the ridiculing arts.

I enjoy the spelling, of course, because of the weight it lends to his point, whatever the point might be. His belligerence is improved by the fundamental incoherence. His mind-reading is the crowning turd, which he thoughtfully sports on his head, where it belongs.

By Vagrant on 29 March 2010 · 15:19