This week in the news #41

Monday, 12 May 2008

Police: “D.C. madam” kills herself in Fla. coastal town

Well… isn’t that convenient?

Bratz vs Barbie: Maximum Capacity: 2

Iran takes new shot at Barbie, calling US doll “destructive”

I have one word for you, my Persian friends, to correct this incredibly misplaced concern: Bratz.

GM to lay off 3,550 at 4 pickup truck and SUV factories

Told you so, v934.

China 7.9-magnitude quake death toll rises to nearly 10,000

That the problem with Gen-Y, Chinese or otherwise. Bunch of cry-babies.

Albert Hofmann, father of drug LSD, dies in Switzerland

See, the government was right. Drugs will kill you. How many 102 year-old recreational drug users do you know who just suddenly die for no apparent reason?

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