Ron Paul could still be the Republican nominee for President you know

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

All it would take is John McCain dying. It would just take John McCain being dead. Just saying. There is only one other candidate in the primary race with any electoral votes and if John McCain were to suddenly die…

Me: Can you be arrested for an ellipsis?

Myself: What? You got me out of bed for that?

Me: Just a bit nervous.

Myself: No, I think shooting him is a good idea. Go for it.

Me: Hey! I did not write that!!

Myself: Oh… I get it. Right. Um, of course not. You were just speculating. McCain’s an old guy. He could go at any time. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Heart failure. Wouldn’t surprise anyone.

Me: That’s better.

Myself: Potassium chloride induced heart failure. Old buzzard probably has plenty of sores to hide a needle mark.

Me: You’ll be in prison with me.

Myself: Do they let you sleep in there?

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