This week in the news #16

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Gulf states plan weapons buying binge

It just keeps getting better, George. When you ran in 2004 I really didn’t want you to win but there is a dark trickster corner of me that was deadly curious to see what you could manage in another four years. I swear to God that part of me is lamenting the 22nd Amendment right now. I just could not imagine how bad you could fuck us all if you got another turn at the piñata.

…you know, it might be the only thing that will work. America at large is not going to wake up until we’re all but irretrievably wrecked upon the rocks of someone like you. I’m not sure if I’m thankful or not you were too small a man to do it.

Breastfeeding may boost future social mobility

Or jail time, depending on whether it’s public or private and the diner’s age.

Clinton Woos Black Voters

This headline from the New York Times. The mental image from all the scare tactics the KKK ever put out about a white women wooing a few million black men.

Britney goes bald, prequel

Britney shaves herself bald

Old news.

Why Women Have Fewer Babies

Talk about irresponsible journalism. I don’t know of any men having babies at all!

Genocide death tolls met with increasing indifference: study

“The studies just described suggest a disturbing psychological tendency,” Slovic said. “Our capacity to feel is limited.”

It’s no coincidence. All of our senses are logarithmic. They have to be or they would not work in the real world. We can hear a whisper across a quiet room and we can go to a Ted Nugent concert. We can feel an eyelash and we—well, some of us—can stand up and be pummeled by a 250lb muscle bound man for 15 rounds. If senses weren’t logarithmic, they would not be able to encompass one one-thousandth of that range.

Our senses being logarithmic almost guarantees that our emotions and psychological responses will be too. They are products of our nervous system and its various supports. Hence, the murder of a loved one might drive us to a breakdown but the murder of 1,000,000 strangers can only be “news.” To personally grieve for 1,000,000 individuals would immolate the griever instantly.

“We have to create institutions and laws that will force us to do what we know through moral argument is the right thing to do.” Paul Slovic, a psychologist at the University of Oregon

That makes you the Devil. We know almost nothing to be true through moral argument and the few things we sometimes suppose to be true are almost always corrupted by the state. Is murder immoral? Is theft? Is getting high by yourself? We have laws and institutions that murder and steal and imprison casual drug users for their entire lives. Why? Because fuckheads like you keep saying we need to be forced to do the right thing for our own good.

Tire reef off Florida proves a disaster

Reported by Brian Skoloff, Associated Press Writer.

…tires… have broken loose and are scouring the ocean floor across a swath the size of 31 football fields. Tires are washing up on beaches. Thousands have wedged up against a nearby natural reef, blocking coral growth and devastating marine life.

“The really good idea was to provide habitat for marine critters so we could double or triple marine life in the area. It just didn't work that way,” said Ray McAllister, a professor of ocean engineering at Florida Atlantic University who was instrumental in organizing the project. “I look back now and see it was a bad idea.”

…similar problems have been reported at tire reefs worldwide.

“They’re a constantly killing coral-destruction machine,” said William Nuckols, coordinator for Coastal America…

The mongoose enjoys the last Hawaiian honeycreeper egg, courtesy of man

Now. Before any of you legion intoxicated on the bong smoke that emanates from Al Gore’s exhaust port decide to go out and become climate engineers so you can paint the ice caps with aluminum or condense CO2 and sink it in the oceans with powdered iron, consider the above. Consider that more often than not when human beings have attempted to engineer an environment for conservation, or to undo damage, it has backfired and made things worse. And behind every such disaster there has been a group of idiots who shrug, “Well, you can’t blame us. It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

US reserves judgment on Palestinian govt –Rice

Yeah! You go, Dr Rice! Fuck your democratically elected government, Palestine! The US doesn’t deal with democracies, you sick fucking bastards!!! Get yourselves another semi-reformed terrorist autocrat like Arafat and we’ll talk.

That would be more amusing if it didn’t approximate the response I got in an email exchange I had this week.

More to the point, fuck you guys in the US government who were surprised to learn that Palestine and Hamas have become inseparable. What else could have happened given the way Israel has managed the situation?

Teen Rescues 3 From Icy NY Creek

From the AP.

18-year-old Thomas Rosati, a high school senior, heard … screams and ran outside to a dock on the creek [to pull] the three boys to safety before police arrived.

“They were like yelling, saying like they’re going to die,” he recalled. “And I was like, ‘You’re not going to die. Just grab my hand.’”

In that young man’s quote you have the current American story summed up neatly. The stupid little kids who ventured where they shouldn’t, screaming they’re dying. One level-headed bystander setting them straight and pulling them out if they’ll just calm the fuck down long enough to listen.

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breaking news . ..okay not breaking ,it is the next day. ...i turned 43 yester day , feb.21 ,that makes me ...once again ..the oldest girl the world .... , signed annedoe on a my space, as far as i will go in to nettting world, a girllllllllllllllllllllll,

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