Bushra Noah: Now marked down!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

That’s not right…

Bushra Noah—can anyone with “Bush” in her name be anything but evil?—being Moslem refused to show her head and hair if she were hired to be a hairdresser at a salon which requires it. She sued. Sued for $66,638. The court awarded her $7,839 for not being hired to do a job she was unwilling to do. You know, Halaal and Kosher being what it is, I see a long line of suits against manufacturers of pork products who refuse to hire those religion bound to not do anything at work but take smoke breaks.

That someone can use religion as an excuse to hurt a small business owner… well, let’s just say I don’t normally give a fig about hairdressers but Sarah Desrosiers did not deserve this kick in the ovaries.

Bushra Noah, however, deserves the one herein. I wonder if, all told, she will find it was worth the damages awarded.

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