“She’s a cunt for the butter”

Monday, 23 June 2008

Now, while this title is entirely frivolous and serves no point beyond trying to win what can, in light of the actual rules, only idiomatically be called “a gentleman’s contest,” I will not entirely flush your eye-time here. I have two biscuits to reward you. Or one biscuit and some butter, if you will will.

First, from Mike Matt Hunt, “Cunt: The History Of The C-Word.” Second, butter, ghee and samna clarified, and churning from Wikipedia.

Your bonus, the union of the two sets: it’s butter for the… uh, um. It’s been that kind of a week around here. I swear upon the travelling bones of the great and powerful Paine that I will not sashay in with the n-word tomorrow.

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