In which I retaliate [preposition] my lawyer’s advice

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Speaking of property rights. How are you? I just got the reference request. I will only fill it out if you swear never to try to … uh, what am I, as American most concerned about…? Treaties. That’s it. Never give back any Indian land regardless of the treaty in question. That would make you an Indian giver.

I am sick as a dog and sadly sober. Sleep deprivation and pain are all the crazy I need. Ah, the joy of children. Five or six colds and flus a year. Always something wet on the carpet. Sharp toys left on the stairs. You’d better breed if you know what’s good for you! The demographics bomb is about to go off and it’s persons like you who are helping pump the keg.

Glen Greenwald sounds nicer than I expected. Camille Paglia is still gay though.

I noticed newly minted FISA Amendments Act supporter, Barry O’Bama, got a healthy campaign injection from AT&T and friends. Generous forgiving folks that they are. Also could not help but overhear that Congressional Democrats are currently more popular with Republican Americans than with their own party. Those folks sure know their textiles from their dairy. I’ll give them that.

It’s not quite too late to sever all contact with me, you know. Though the children do seem to be a fairly strong safety, darn the luck. The last one is set to finish high school in 2025. You have till then to kick me to the cow-catcher and organize your statements about how you never knew me that well and you certainly never could have guessed the things of which I was capable.

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