This week in the news #15, addendum

Monday, 19 February 2007

Five murdered in UT mall shooting

Five random dead, plus the gunman.

Before all y’all rally the sheep and circle the wagons around some legislation to make everyone register their DNA and serial numbers or turn in their weapons let’s clarify some parts.

  • Any man or woman with decent strength or training let loose in a mall could, using a high-end kitchen knife, kill at least 5 people before being stopped.
  • Any man or woman let loose in a mall with a bit of forethought could probably kill closer to 100 without really trying too hard. [I’m not giving techniques away, it’s all for a future piece.]
  • No mass murderer yet has been, or ever will be, able to rack up anywhere near the death toll any number of serial killers has.

Here’s another fact for you to chew over. The most important one no matter how you feel about the Bill of Rights.

  • When civilians use a gun lethally in self-defense, or the defense of another, they are later adjudicated to have used proper and legal force more often than cops do in the same circumstances; meaning armed civilians are safer to you than armed police.

Those are just facts. So is this–

There would have been even more people killed if there hadn’t been an off-duty cop from out of town with his weapon there at the time. If every person in that Salt Lake City mall had been armed, the death toll would not have been five. It would have been one or two. The same goes for almost every public mass killing that has happened or will.

See also: Outgunned: How the Network News Media Are Spinning the Gun Control Debate.

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