This week in the news #43

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Obama at Bon Jovi Event: “We Won’t Be Bullied”

Let me get this straight, Mr O. You’re whining about bullies? At a Bon Jovi show?

Whoa, whoa, we’re half-way there… With 42% polling we’ll call it close enough for government work. …at a Bon Jovi show.

McCain Camp “Rescues” Flags from Obama Rally

Someone over at Reason was whining about how awful it is that this qualifies as political news and apparently converts to some small coinage. I disagree.

It’s a perfect statement of how the Democrats want to have things both ways. To eat their cake and have it. Little plastic flags are trash. Buying them sends US money overseas and supports one of the only governments with worse human rights than we’ve got, and passing them out is anti-conservation and contributes pointlessly to the so-called global warming all these ass-hats say is going to destroy the world if we don’t roll the economy back to 1929 today if not sooner.

So, why did they do it? Because they’re the kind of cowards who would rather appear to be some unimpeachable flavor of patriotic than follow their own CRUCIAL OR WE ALL DIE mission statement.

So, ridiculous or not, we say: Serves ’em right. If this election does—as we have long argued it will—come down to another coin toss, I hope the memory of every one of these buffoonish sideshows burns each DailyKossack inside nightly like bone cancer for four more years.

Melting Swiss glacier yields Neolithic trove, climate secrets

Apparently the Earth was quite a bit warmer than it is today at a few hundred thousand points in history. And colder in just about as many. I don’t see how that could possibly be news or interesting to anyone though. We don’t win elections on history but on hope and change. Hope we can change history.

Musical taste “defines personality”

Reporting by Michael Holden – Editing by Steve Addison – Reuters Life!

…pop lovers are hardworking and, despite the stereotypes, heavy metal listeners are gentle, creative types who are at ease with themselves…
The George Michael doesn’t get much play time but still, you’ll find it next to the Slayer, Testament, Metal Church, and Metallica somewhere behind the Beatles and Billy Joel.
…jazz and classical music fans are creative with good self-esteem…
Blue Train was under a Mozart or Brahms disc last I saw it.
…Country and western fans were found to be hardworking and shy; rap fans are outgoing and indie lovers lack self-esteem and are not very gentle…
My Johny Cash is next to the Del tha Funky Homosapien… I, uh, I think Barnaby tried to slip a Pixies or Sugar Cubes CD in there but if you find one, it ain’t mine, man.
…Those who choose to listen to exciting, punchy music [loudly] are more likely to be in a higher earning bracket…
Just saying, when I roll up with the Clutch or RHCP blaring, it’s not a reflection on you. You’ll have your day. You’re young. Money’s overrated. The Democrats will take care of you. Oh, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha-ha, ho-huh-huh, huh, I can’t breathe… Oh, my God. …the Democrats will take care of you. Oh, boy.

Qaddafi Hosts Rice in Tripoli as U.S., Libya Seal Normal Ties

Et tu, Condi?

Dearest Condoleezza,

I suspect you’ll take your own life someday. I’m not entirely sure why I get this feeling. Most of your cabal will walk away all right. Never knowing or admitting. Anyway, perhaps sooner rather than later will save years of increasingly painful sleepless nights.

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Re: This week in the news #43

I hope the memory of every one of these buffoonish sideshows burns each DailyKossack inside nightly like bone cancer for four more years.

Hear, hear! They can't experience shame, remorse, regrets -- nothing that would point them towards a need to better themselves, but surely there's something analogous that will at least make them unhappy. Surely God, if he has any intention of earning his keep, at long last, will see fit to smite the smug stupidity right off their faces

I've been fighting off the urge to help get out the spite vote. The aesthetic argument for it this year is the best I've seen. No one who has a chance of winning deserves to win anything better than a dip in the cesspit. It would be ugly justice for the vichy liberals to lose to the wingnuts, one more time. They need another four years of weeping, shrieking and grinding out four thousand word junk sociology essays. A victory for the wingnuts, with its concomitant wingnut justification for more paranoia and more misplaced triumphalism, might set that miserable tribe more firmly on the road to cannibalism. It's still lose/lose, but the end games of double binds are never pretty.

By Vagrant on 8 September 2008 · 02:55

William Shakesweasel

Re: This week in the news #43

Condoleeza Rice is nice but I prefer a Roni.

By William Shakesweasel on 12 September 2008 · 00:33