5,000 is a nice round number

Friday, 17 October 2008

Predictions for 5,000?

US Military Deaths in War on Terror at 4,800

New Year’s is 75 days away but current trends put 5,000 rolling over in March 2009. Previous thousand was in July 2007, 470 days ago – 4,000 1 US servicemen 2 killed.

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Re: 5,000 is a nice round number

Perhaps, some day, our cretinous overlords will understand that untimely death and needless suffering are widely considered "bad things", and that there are reasons why this is so.

By Vagrant on 18 October 2008 · 06:59

A is A

Re^2: 5,000 is a nice round number

Well, if we really hope they learn someday, it’s good to remember that the best teacher is experience. Personal experience.

By A is A on 18 October 2008 · 10:20