Goddamnit, Ashley

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Ashley Pond – Dala

This would be fine except–

  1. I’m a musician too.
  2. She doesn’t suck so she might be around for awhile.
  3. There are too many of us already.

And now the trivia section!

  1. There actually was a band named Ashley Pond in New Mexico. I think they were short lived and out of Los Alamos where there is a pond named Ashley Pond after my great-grandfather, numero deux. I was asked now and then whatever happened to my band but I was not involved, never heard it, or know anyone who played in it.
  2. I wrote my first song while this girl was squiggling out of an ovarian follicle and I’m up on her by a couple hundred I suspect.
  3. There are no less than 8 in my family so far and 27 in Facebook.
  4. My claim to the name is 216 years strong.
  5. The most famous of us so far was a 12 year-old who got that way by being murdered by a sexual predator toting a Roman numeral himself.
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