Maybe I’ve had one too many… –or– Sic semper tyrannis

Monday, 27 October 2008

…but fuck Abraham Lincoln, man. Fuck him and put one behind his ear. He fucking deserved it.

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Re: Maybe I’ve had one too many… –or– Sic semper tyrannis

well, you faintly undersell your position. Not only has Bush been a shy sand-scuffer on the grave which another Republican name of Lincoln had dug for habeas corpus after braining it with a shovel from behind, but I also don't hear any assailers of Florida electioneering talking brave about the consequential crimes of another late great assassinate. Maybe they hate Bush in the civil liberties fight for updating it into the modern era where it don't belong, but that's just what Kennedy did for voter fraud in his impatience not to wait his turn with the confidence of the electorate. The reason why I don't mind looking gauche to bring this up is that it matters to the story we have of the relationship between American people and high ideals. JFK's scapegoat-ridden foreign (foregone?) policy was seldom in the league of - though nobody's favorite human - Nixon's work on China; it would have been maybe unimaginably better for the country had things been straight in '60. Instead, Nixon, by 1972 as embittered as the U.S., gets saddled with the double disenchantments of national public life. So we're given the notion that America has been torn down from its better stars by small-souled men of such gross passions that they don't even project the right magnanimity in appearances - and that what's in short supply are the glorymongering head coaches who will bestow us the right aspirations regardless of their real performances. That the irreparable marks on this country are the former's design, not the repercussions of the latter set. This, and not any grudges, are why it's a problem that Lincoln Kennedy Clinton Obama reads like the advertised honor roll of the thoughtful patriot.

By neil on 31 October 2008 · 18:43

A is A

Re^2: Maybe I’ve had one too many… –or– Sic semper tyrannis

You’re my kind of grave digger.

A few years ago I watched a bunch of Nixon’s campaign speeches from the race with Kennedy. I was sickened by how attractive I found his words in the light of what I knew about his long delayed, coming residency in the office. I would have voted for him. I would have campaigned for him. I might have pulled an Andy Kehoe after the whole thing was over though. You can’t twist a piece of metal, no matter how strong, back and forth that much without breaking it.

By A is A on 31 October 2008 · 21:26