Ashley’s New Year tips for a successful cranial-rectal extraction

Thursday, 1 January 2009

The Internet is like a tattoo—everything you put online might be there the rest of your life and it may fade, stretch, sag and otherwise look less and less appealing to everyone, including you, over the years.

Lies don’t free you. They make you a slave to others in constant support of the fake realities which begin to replace any chance you’ll ever have anything valuable or permanent to share with anyone else.

If you have to recover from having a good time, it was not a good time.

The “ends” in the phrase, “the ends justify the means,” is a nebulous, unpredictable point which may be marked in time posthumously but in which no one lives. We live in the “means.” Saying, “the ends justify the means,” is akin to saying, “My life is meaningless.”

Pretend you’re going to die, which you are. Are you proud of your life? Are you proud of your day? Are you proud of anything you’ve ever done? Anything? Proud enough to die with a smile thinking of it?

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