Adventures in homeschooling #1

Monday, 4 May 2009


5 year-old girl: Is that a real mountain lion in that picture?

Dad: It’s a lynx. It’s real. They sure are pretty.

5 year-old girl: Can we see one?

Dad: Not here. Maybe on the other side of the state. There aren’t very many of them around. People kill them a lot.

5 year-old girl: Did someone kill it after they took that picture?

Dad: Maybe someone else. People who take pictures of animals don’t usually kill them.

5 year-old girl: They should never kill animals.

Dad: Well, we kill animals. The turkey we had tonight was an animal. We’re omnivores. Remember how our teeth work. Half are for veggies and half are for meat. It’s okay to kill animals if they aren’t too rare and you’re going to eat them. But some people kill animals just for fun and that’s not okay.

5 year-old girl: Fuck them!

Dad: Oh… That’s kind of rude, honey. Please don’t say that.

4 year-old boy: Yeah, fuck them!

Dad (to girl): See what you did, honey?

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