Open lame duck season?

Monday, 15 December 2008

Is it just me or did anyone else notice that a veritable eternity passed between Muntathar al-Zaidi’s first and second shoe?

Man Throws Shoes at Bush in Iraq, Ha-Ha!!! ☺★يلقي الرئيس بوش في الأحذية

Seems to me like no one in the Secret Service detail is that interested in taking one for the boss at this point. Good on you guys. You just might start updating your résumés though. I have a feeling there will be a few red-shirted crewman-expendables required to pad out next season’s cliff-hangers.

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Re: Open lame duck season?

Nationbuilding CIA inside job, pass it on!

By neil on 19 December 2008 · 14:25

A is A

Re^2: Open lame duck season?

I wish you hadn’t said that.

By A is A on 19 December 2008 · 18:25

chris holmes

Re: Open lame duck season?

i *did* notice the delay and said at the time that certain secret service men would have a sticky next performance review. i also noticed how damn'd accurate the guy was *AND* how well Bush dodged the first one - dammit. I'm not sure of the parabola of the 2nd; did the other guy deflect it?

But yes, the man stood up, took his time to throw, seemed to actually take the time to *remove* the other. By the time the FBI got to the podium - and Bush shrugged him off - it was all v much over.

Good observation.

By chris holmes on 2 January 2009 · 23:31