I suppose it just means the IDF have the best intentions—and the worst aim—in military history

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Much bandying of Israel’s incredible—and don’t forget virtuous—effort to not target civilians in Gaza has been done. Especially by a lot of Americans. We do seem touchy about ordnance disposal in disadvantaged neighborhoods on our dime.

Some 1,300 Palestinians were killed, two-thirds of them civilians and one-third children. Over 5,500 people were wounded and some 4,000 private homes were destroyed.

Israel’s war and Barack Obama’s inauguration

Google here for some documents showing a few of the “one-third” among others. They are explicit. They are also important. This is what war is. If you support war, for any reason, this is also what you support. 430 dead children. Congratulations. You win.

Maybe I’m being overly negative though. No one wants to do that. There is some good news. Plenty of the children survived the attacks, after all. More than 5,000 Palestinians were only wounded. Like this lucky boy who had his eyes burned out by the white phosphorous bombs Israel repeatedly exploded over Gaza in their efforts to not target civilians.

Palestinian boy with burned eyes

His name is Luay Suboh. He’s 10.

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