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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Clean Up Time

Bush also attempted some imperial repair when he closed Abu Ghraib in 2006. I don't recall liberals falling over themselves with joy when that happened. But then Bush was nefarious, sneaky. There had to be an angle to it. Obama closing Gitmo is born of decency, idealism. I can't wait to see what words liberals will use when Obama's first cluster bombs are dropped.

Dennis Perrin

Gin up

What you certainly won't hear is that almost all of the people that have been detained at Guantanamo have been held on little or no information at all. It's not classified, or weak, or special “intelligence” information. It. doesn’t. exist. That is why several hundred have already been released. That's why in over 90% of the habeas cases that have been decided so far the judge granted the writ. That is why at least 4 prosecutors have resigned. Like the Salem witch trials and the internment of the Japanese, Guantanamo is one of history's great displays of cowardice. It too will live in infamy, for there never was anything to be afraid of, after all.

The Frog

Definitely Morally Superior

But most disturbing of all was the graffiti they daubed on the walls of the ground floor. Some was in Hebrew, but much was naively written in English: “Arabs need 2 die,” “Die you all,” “Make war not peace,” “1 is down, 999,999 to go,” and scrawled on an image of a gravestone the words: “Arabs 1948-2009.”

Amid dust and death, a family’s story speaks for the terror of war, The Guardian


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