Friday, 6 February 2009

Me: Technically that wasn’t your first death threat.

Myself: I meant on the site, not at home.

Me: So did I.

Myself: Well?

Me: That IDF punk.

Myself: You thought that was a death threat?

Me: What are you? Trying on the straight man for a gag? Of course it was.

Myself: Dude, Israelis are all the nicest most gracious people in the world. He was just giving you friendly advice out of the innate kindness of the Jew heart.

Me: I can’t decide which is worse. Your misogyny or your antisemitism.

Myself: Dude, I love everything Arab and my favorite writer is a woman. All my favorite nude models come to think of it. So, I don’t know what you’re on about.

Me: Uh-huh.

Myself: Did you catch the game?

Me: I was sitting with you!

Myself: Sorry, I was too busy doing man stuff to notice what you were up to.

Me: I’m gonna go have a drink.

Myself: Hey, why don’t you clean a gun while you’re at it? It’s a New Mexico tradition, you know!

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Re: Correction

I saw those comments. They were closer to aggrieved veal squealings than death threats. I'm sure they think otherwise, of course, and I respect that as deeply as it deserves. If it would help with their status in the veal pen, I'll take up a collection to get them caplock keys with little skulls and crossbones.

By Vagrant on 9 February 2009 · 19:58