This week in the news #49

Saturday, 7 March 2009

A Baby, Please. Blond, Freckles — Hold the Colic -

You know, you might be able to select embryos for this sort of UFBS but guess what you cannot select for yet? Patricide, among other proclivities. What persons like you should be most scared of is that your kids might turn out to be decent human beings and come to recognize what you are.

Cold cases reopened after bodies found in NM desert

Don’t look at me. I ain’t been home in years and I haven’t been home with a shovel in even longer.

Putin winks at any guy in the room

Obama “Ready to Drop Shield Plans for Russian Help on Iran”

I wonder if Obama is really, truly committed to helping America. In light of Putin’s growing reputation as a, uh, uh, well, you know… One is compelled to ask, “Yes, you’ll drop the missile shield for the good of America, but will you drop your pants?”


And that’s a “No.” Obama hates America apparently.

And speaking of black tenants in white houses…

Falls police say woman put up racist sign

She put up a sign for renting rooms in her house to whites, and one presumes, whites alone. I never get around to writing this stuff down…

Of course she should be allowed to put the sign up. If you disagree, you’re a fucking retard and that’s worse than a racist on my balance sheet.

This is why you’re wrong if you disagree: she’s legally entitled to rent to whomever she pleases. So, say they force her to take down the sign. She can have all the prospective black, yellow, red, and brown tenants in America come by and she can say, “No thanks.” And when asked why, she can say, “Just because. No, it wasn’t color because you fucknuts might try to sue me if I say that out loud. I just didn’t like any of the applicants.”

Now what have you done, you relentless chumps? You just wasted the time of 20 black, red, yellow, and brown persons, and maybe their families, looking for housing. You’ve just wasted that lady’s time because you cannot legislate thought. You can force someone to pretend not to be a racist through threats—you’ll go to prison, you’ll lose everything you own to civil suits—but you cannot make anyone change his or her mind with a law. In fact, you will have achieved the exact opposite of your stated goal. Par for the course in government I admit and hardly noteworthy.

Instead of making that woman welcome other skin tones you will make her hate them by threatening to take away her freedom or property and making her into a liar to boot.

Stark’s hottest job: Janitor

How hungry are people for work in today’s sinking economy? Nearly 700 people have applied for a single job as a school custodian.

Benjamin Duer,

To quote the greatest American I can think of: This doesn’t happen in America. Maybe Ohio but not in America..

And on that ♮♪ in case you really, honestly, for a single moment convinced yourself otherwise. Bump–

Why and how you choose your politicians…

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