May all shoes thrown ever connect : منتظر الزيدي

Friday, 13 March 2009

Muntadhar al-Zeidi got three years in the pokey for loafer lobbing.

Well, we suppose it’s a victory. They didn’t execute him after all. If there is any single person in the gigantic, pointless, exercise in “history can teach nothing when it has no students,” we could pick as a hero, it’s this guy.

Gerald Ford, Colin Powell, Bill Clinton, Condoleezza Rice… the list of cowards who are in fact extremely powerful men and women in extremely powerful positions who would have risked nothing to criticize this war and the so-called men who drew its blueprints goes on and on and on and on. They are the worst of the do-nothing good men with which we’re rife. Who showed more bravery? Who else stood up for what’s right at any cost besides a few conscientious objectors?

So, we say this: If after serving his sentence, Muntadhar al-Zeidi needs an extra bit of cash, or an immigration sponsor, or a place to crash, or someone to send him a gmail invite or accept his FaceBook friend request, we will do for him. And to make sure you’re still keeping score, under current “laws” and executive orders, writing this down could—under the right interpretation—mean forfeiture of all assets and liberty.

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