Wisconsin™? Really?

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Dear Sarah Klavas,

I understand you’ve had some unexpected negative reaction to your new state motto: Wisconsin—live like you mean it.

Wisconsin — live like you mean it.

If you do run into trademark problems, don’t let it get you down. As the master teaches, it’s never too late for a rewrite. We have our own modest suggestions to add in the hope of helping Wisconsin achieve the greatness for which is has always been destined.

live like you can stand it™

Wisconsin — live like you can stand it.

warmer than North Dakota™

Wisconsin — warmer than North Dakota.

because he likes it upsidedown™

Wisconsin — because he likes it upsidedown.

91.52% pure™

Wisconsin — 91.52% pure (AKA: white enough for ya?).

our strippers are corn fed™

Wisconsin — our strippers are corn fed.

it’s the cheesiest™

Wisconsin — it’s the cheesiest.

See also WY? Just because.


PS: Dear Ellyn Luros-Elson, YANAL.

PPS: See also WI Taxidermy & cheese.

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