Proposed collective nouns for the 21st century

Monday, 6 April 2009

A ______ of terrorists

  • A beard of terrorists.
  • A windfall of terrorists.
  • An exaggeration of terrorists.
  • A mirage of terrorists.

A ______ of starlets

  • A keening of starlets.
  • A clinic of starlets.

A ______ of coeds

  • A break of coeds.
  • An experimentation of coeds.
  • A tramp-stamp of coeds.
  • A waiver of coeds.

A ______ of software developers

  • A slashdot of software developers.
  • An asshat of software developers.
  • An H-1B of software developers.
  • A douche of software developers.

A ______ of bloggers

  • A dissonance of bloggers.
  • A confusion of bloggers.
  • An irony of bloggers.

A ______ of otaku

  • A creep of otaku.
  • A hentai of otaku.
  • A basement of otaku.

A ______ of rappers

  • A money clip of rappers.
  • A gold tooth of rappers.
  • A project of rappers.
  • A flav of rappers.

A ______ of strippers

  • A pole of strippers.
  • A spank of strippers.
  • A magnum of strippers.
  • A trich of strippers.
  • A paycheck of strippers.
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