The bravest cops in the world, American cops

Friday, 3 April 2009

Let’s talk about this picture.

Brave cops

Take a good look at it. What do you see? If you had to describe what was going on without narrative, what would you say? Stop reading. Just look at the picture.

Could you imagine what’s going on? How long would you have to stand behind a car before you needed to start leaning on it? What would make you duck or peek? A sound perhaps? The sound of a gunshot, say.

[the] receptionist stayed on the phone with police for 90 minutes, while the rampage continued.

…SWAT teams surrounded the building immediately…

Binghamton Rampage: Gunman, 13 Others Dead

So the facts of the case as reported–

  • Police were called soon after the initial shooting by the first survivor.
  • SWAT teams arrived on scene immediately thereafter.
  • The shootings went on for 90 minutes.

90 minutes. An hour and a half. That’s longer than most movies. Given the benefit of all doubt the cops were there waiting outside for an hour while terrified, defenseless persons were being executed inside. A hour while all the guns and cops a town can muster waited, just seconds away, outside for… well, one doesn’t want to say what they were waiting for. I mean, they might have had great reasons to wait an hour. …listening to gunshots.

Look at the picture again. An hour. Thirteen victims. A dozen, a couple dozen? cops waiting outside while it happened. Like they do.

Put yourself in that building and imagine you’re there for an hour. Who is going to protect you? Look at that picture again.

Update 4/5 · in the defense of the defenders, revised reports indicate they only waited outside for 45 minutes not the 90 minutes we irrationally suggested based on the news reports.

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