Suggest topic #1: People you would bring back from the dead today

Monday, 29 June 2009

[Suggested on the chalkboard]

Who would you bring back from the dead if you could?

Everyone. I would bring back everyone from the dead. Not for a normal lifespan of course because we’re edging up on the Earth’s carry capacity for hairless apes. For one week or two, I think, to avoid crashing the planet and to give time to really let the lessons sink in.

Now, everyone is back. Everyone who ever lived is alive.

Can you imagine the frantic effort to find Jesus? Can you imagine the even more frantic effort to find anyone who knew him or his family personally which would ensue a day or two after the man himself was nowhere to be found?

And what you the secular would’ve have done with that time. You’d clamor to the historical celebrity power of Alexander, Genghis Khan, Marilyn Monroe, Lincoln, Mohammed, Cleopatra, and all the other nobodies of history who created nothing and could inform no one.

And after all these fictional or puerile paths were followed… Can you imagine the feeling as you realize that instead of interviewing, taping, and giving the chance to create one more masterpiece to the artists, the poets, the scientists, the engineers, the historians, the explorers—today mostly nameless to all but specialists—you spent the entire time arguing about putting Hitler on trial.

But the main thing I’d expect to come of it would be a little closer to home. A little harder to make room for in one’s soul.

The time to discover the great-grandfather you were told so much about is a total fucking schmuck. To discover that you’d be a misogynist too if the only women you knew were your female ancestors. Time to see that people have not changed in the slightest in 10,000 years. That the only thing separating software engineering from flint knapping is the hairfine chain of humans who achieved anything of original thought. Not the adaptors who could learn to plant or follow a game trail beneath snow, but the few who were curious enough, open enough, bright enough to do it the first time. The creators. Many of whom died hated and impoverished. Now returned to the world and before you they would be the last you’d think to thank, let alone beg more of. Both mistakes proceeding from the same error—nothing in the world moves for the reasons you think it does.

Do you see how many men are walking and living down there? Well, I don’t give a damn what any or all of them think … about anything … Why should I consider what their grandfathers thought…?

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Re: Suggest topic #1: People you would bring back from the dead today

funny you should expound on this on this date
yesterday we went to the Sierra Vista cemetery to photograph a gravestone - I spoke ill of the dead and promptly twisted an ankle in a prairie dog hole...
I swear "she" ('great-grandMOTHER you were told so much about is a total fucking schmuck') caused it ;-)

By mom on 30 June 2009 · 11:22

A is A

Re^2: Suggest topic #1: People you would bring back from the dead today

Oh, I wasn’t talking about my family or me. We’re seraphim and cherubim each and all.

By A is A on 30 June 2009 · 17:32