The truth, aka Regular Sedition·Edition #1,000

Thursday, 30 April 2009


Plucking your eyebrows does not make you prettier. It makes you look like cancer patients.

Software developers–

Insisting on doing things with shortcuts doesn’t make you professional, it gets your résumé shuffled to the bottom of the pile at the few places anyone would want to work.

Soccer moms–

All the other kids hate yours because of your public behavior. Your kids don’t hate you for it and they won’t, until they’re adults and start to realize what you’ve done to them.

Tough guys–

No one is convinced and nothing is quite as homosexual as climbing up on top of a smaller man, even if it’s to administer a beating.

American politicians

You should find and watch the video of Ceauşescu’s impromptu trial and summary back-yard execution. What you’ll notice most, it’s flabbergasting actually, is how sure he is that he’s in control of the situation and can assert his authority over those from whom he derived authority. So sure he can do so just by insisting it and speaking loudly.

The Ceauşescus were executed by a firing squad, which reportedly hundreds volunteered for…

I wonder, given a week’s lead time to apply, how many would tender credentials and open their calendars for the American House and Senate. Aw, you’re right. Probably no one would. Say… Doesn’t this all feel familiar somehow?

Fans of Sedition·com

Say, you’re pretty nice looking, even like that. You’re on the way up by measures unknown and unknowable to the Larry World. A journey that is made difficult by the liars and thieves but you’ll negotiate your way. Improving yourself constantly as y–[Please insert $4.75 to continue…]

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chris holmes

Re: The truth, aka Regular Sedition·Edition #1,000

ob boy ... Nicolae Ceausescu and wife Elena.

yep, sobering to watch and im not sure i watched the one you had in mind

By chris holmes on 13 May 2009 · 07:16